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2012-8-1 08:15 upload download attachment (191.2, KB) NIKEiD has now lifted the latest custom shoes Nike Dunk Deconstruct Premium, including high and low help two options. Nike Dunk Deconstruct Premium design style is partial to simplicity, with high-quality leather and suede to build, built-in Lunarlon mitigation technology, to ensure that the shock and comfort. NIKEiD offers a wide selection of colors, smooth / rough leather, and traditional / leather laces. 2012-8-1 08:15 upload and download attachments (125.48 KB) 2012-8-1 08:15 upload and download attachments (100.82 KB) 2012-8-1 08:15 upload and download attachments (101.47 KB) 2012-8-1 08:15 upload and download attachments (108.82 KB) 08: 15; 2012-8-1 uploading and downloading attachments (106.66 KB) 2012-8-1 08:15 upload and download attachments (148.63 KB) 2012-8-1 08:15 upload and download attachments (362.31 KB) 2012-8-1 08:15 upload and download attachments (255.37 KB) 2012-8-1 08:15 upload and download attachments (214 KB) 5cm Heroin-Chic this season to t cheap foamposites he title, design fine tailor style to hi-end music elements mod and Punk, so this bag with Japanese brand A.I.P Tote Bag note don't select the punk style important elements and black Wo nails, leather and nylon were introduced in two versions, the price difference of 1000 yuan, the tote bag is a separate, size is large enough, so the design is good and considerate. Also launched A.I.P 5cm "Touch of Punk Couture" tee, sub black silver / full dark word version. Each A.I.P, tee and bag will come with a bag of dust. A.I.P nylon on variable sheepskin brand A.I.P full name is An American in Paris, founded in 1991, design style to outdoor bag, the end of 90s began to join in sheep's clothing, Gabriel shop, was welcomed by trendsetter. Now residing in the I.T sale, bag price average more than 1000 yuan, this time do not note with the regular edition similar to download (46.79 KB)5cm x A.I.P 〈br 2008-5-20〈br="" 2008-5-20="" 20:11Cameron · Anthony's occupation career has a large number of Air Jordan PE, recently eBay sellers Cheap foamposites for sale revealed his three Air Jordan 2009 PE, the three colors are the Nuggets a color and all star, but unfortunately due to the all star version and meet you when the "Muskmelon" failed to back injury. Our pictures or ~ yangkeng. 2012-5-1 19:10 upload download attachment (246.29 KB) recently, Puma announced a new cooperation project again; the cooperation project is with the famous German Berlin store Solebox cooperation new STATE. Since before the collaboration with UNDFTD, PUMA also believes that even the color of the shoe shop is formulated to have the right to speak for the design of shoes and material selection, and the shop itself can ensure natural sales, selling shoes, so this has attracted Solebox Co. And UNDFTD cooperation before the same paragraph, is still a simple color matching and ordinary materials, exactly what to attract consumers, may still need to wait for details of follow-up reports.Converse Japan Limited high-end series Converse Addict in the 2015 spring and summer brings Chuck Taylor latest series. In addition t Cheap foamposites for sale o the classic 83 CAMO Black, Campus color based, faithful reproduction of engraved paragraph heel and toe shoes when the details of the 1960s launch of the outside, this also launched a Japanese fashion brand N.HOOLYWOOD; application of color design on the tongue of the shoe, the three are equipped with a Vibram outsole in order to guarantee the comfort. Interested friends can check the Japanese Converse official website for more details. New Balance MADE 1978 design inspiration from New Balance classic shoes 990, and its name is exactly 990 shoes born year, 1978. Continuation of the exquisite craftsmanship produced by the United States, the use of top quality materials, the latest introduction of ML1978HD Asia Pacific Limited use of green, gray and white three bright crisp colors. Outsole uses a specially made Vibram brand sole designed for MADE 1978. Asia Pacific Limited Edition MADE 1978 will begin on June 16th at New Balance designated shop sale, the price is 1299 yuan.Vans's Vault by Vans, former high-end extension again, Japanese Cheap jordans online American designer Taka Hayashi, with its classic short boots Vans Chukka Boot is modeled to create a new joint series, the designer in khaki and black shoes were overall rendering, suede materials and high quality leather as base material, to create high-end overall elegant temperament for us. But it is debatable whether the shoe is fit for summer or spring wear. It is reported that the shoes are priced at $130 and will be sold in May.Adidas Originals Tech Super 2 "Leopard" color 2013-12-08 23:28:27 Adidas debut Originals recently released a Tech Super 2 "Leopard" color, this popular shoes are very classic contour shoes with leather, suede and mesh fabric making shoes, shoes for the leopard element adds a hint the wild, also very fashion taste.[Chinese shoes Network - News] forced raw materials, labor and transportation costs are rising due to shrinking profits, etc., Nike again resorted to price this move. The new basketball shoes priced at more than 2,000 yuan, but also to the industry shouted overpriced. It is reported that, due to Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale cost pressures increase, Nike plans to raise their prices fall to 5% -10%. The price increase, will directly affect Nike will launch the tenth generation of LeBron basketball shoes. It is learned that the estimated price of sneakers over 2000 yuan. Retail price of its predecessor to 1599 yuan. More than 2000 yuan price, may also become the most expensive Nike basketball shoes. In fact, a pair of Gucci men's casual shoes priced at some of the site's electricity supplier is only 1999 yuan. Although Nike spokesman Mary Remuzzi has repeatedly emphasized that Nike is not blind prices, "We are always looking for ways to take advantage of new innovations and products to enhance performance to achieve product line." However, the above statement is not recognized by the industry. sports market sources familiar with Nike to smooth prices, already ahead of the layout. During the London Olympics, Anta, Li Ning, 361 & deg; other domestic sports brand marketing occasion, Nike in the Chinese market is uncharacteristically, only to maintain the normal pro Cheap air jordans for sale motional efforts, not too much force. Nearly two weeks, all of a plurality of series of Nike's players collectively to the Chinese market promotion. This is the round concentrated rally in front of the Nike brewing prices, the purpose is to grab before the domestic brands, both the prices go up, but stable market share. However, Nike has not yet spread to the Beijing market prices. Yesterday, Anzhen Hualian Nike counters relevant responsible person said, yet to receive notification of price increases on Nike. Recently, Nike has more than once prices. In March last year, Nike has said that will be for the footwear and apparel products, across the globe began to raise prices in the spring, in response to rising oil, cotton and transportation costs. As the raw material, substantial growth in labor costs, Nike nearly two raw material and transportation costs continue to rise, putting pressure on their profit growth. The latest results, Nike ended May 31 gross margin fell to 42.8 percent from 44.3 percent, which was already down for the sixth Retro jordans for sale consecutive quarter. As Nike's second-largest market in the Greater China market, sales also fell in the quarter, total sales revenue include footwear, clothing, accessories, including a $ 667 million, compared to the third quarter fell by 3.89 %. Nike rival Adidas looks bad. A month ago, Adidas said it will close its only affiliated factory in China, and in October to April next year period, with some foundries have lifted foundry agreement. In fact, Adidas is not the withdrawal of the first, back in 2009, Nike has shut down factories in China Direct, thereafter moved to lower-cost production base in Southeast Asia. Many industry insiders said that Adidas will also meet with Southeast Asian manufacturers to cooperate in order to alleviate labor costs brought about by the operating pressure. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)The champion and third overall James and Anthony the two 03 golden generation, now has become the hottest star in the league. Two each time on the pitch God's favored one also met fans about the topic. Now let's review what the two players wear in their feet in the past. (Editor: Chang fan)NBA every summer, each star will open their Chinese line. Over the past month, we ushered in the live hand master Erwin, three years two crown curry, Thompson, have joined the "old gun" and the high popularity of James, and the most handsome "Uncle Wade"...... Their arrival, let the summer full of noise, scream, passion. But there is a person, but still with his silence, infected with every fan, eroding the entire NBA alliance. yes, the Chinese for players, it is a pregnant Leonard. photo of Leonard looks very shy, indeed, he usually is almost expressionless. often Spurs fans with his Poker face joked, "he is Tucao paralysis". In fact, from the age of 17, Leonard rarely smile. His father is a night, 2008 in January, Mark - Leonard as usual in the washing room work. Just as he was ready to close the door to see his son's game, unfortunately suffered a shot. Accidental death of 's father's took Leonard smile, he began to be scanty of words all his emotions, hope to cover up, even in court, too. for the first time Chinese for small, seems to help him to unlock a new expression package. airport interview laugh, laugh, laugh and play...... Even imitate your posters also smile. Even Ginobili Tucao: "what happened? I am in the two days to see his smile than the previous six seasons, what I miss?" But Leonard, nicknamed "paralysis" as he himself so low-key. Leonard is now the most widely known nickname "The Claw", inspired by his huge hands; and combined with the letter K in the name, derived from The Klaw. The University's nickname "The Human Avatar more popular," meaning "human Afanda", like Afanda can sprint and change to. He has YY Suger K and the two nickname, the former is first called Duncan in training, the latter is inspired by O'neal's sudden. The welterweight champion Suger Ray Robinson is a boxing skills pioneer, especially in the pace of play, which is a manifestation of famous around, Leonard defense style. Leonard of the giant hand has become a source of inspiration for his personal Logo. It is not difficult to see that the Logo contains small initials KL, and his number 2, add up to KL2, Logo elements. The Logo appeared for the first time, is a building for small Air Jordan AJ6 in "The Claw" exclusive PE. At the same time, it also marks Leonard officially became after Paul, Anthony, Westbrook, Griffin, Jordan Brand fifth spokesperson. then, Leonard filmed a new ad for Air Jordan, visible J〉Air Jordan Mid launched 1 new girls exclusive color design. Vamp uniform with pink linen build, then Jumpman is marked with the embroidery thread, inject more details for shoes. The air cushion and collocation with built-in Air-Sole white hard rubber outsole, comfort support cushioning for shoes, and join the deep pit in bending outsole, enhanced grip and flexibility. The shoes on a date to be announced, it will be launched during the Easter holidays, please pay attention to the follow-up reports HYPEBEAST. Click here to view full gallery at Air Jordan of