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4 essential tips for a healthy heart you need in your diet plan

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4 essential tips for a healthy heart you need in your diet plan


Every single advertisement of food products on the television revolves around the concept of cholesterol and a healthy heart which is a very important requisite for adults that insists one gets cautious of their heart health with age. However, today people seem to prefer taste over health and invite obesity, heart diseases, and diabetes-like evils into their lives. It is in such times that the key to cure is a healthy diet. Moreover, a healthy diet is also prevention against bodily diseases that arise with age.

Based on years of experience curing unhealthy habits and bodily conditions of clients, Dietician Priyatama Srivastava – the best dietician in Delhi NCR and Gurgaon has compiled and answered the most common queries related to cholesterol and a hearty diet for a healthy heart.

Which foods are to be eaten to reduce cholesterol? Let’s understand what cholesterol is in simple words. Cholesterol is a fatty wax-like substance found in all cells of the body. The body makes cholesterol for its needs by itself. However, consumption of food rich in trans-fat causes the cholesterol to increase and cause diseases like obesity and heart diseases.

Eating healthy and the right food can help anyone maintain a good cholesterol level along with some form of physical exercise. Here are a few tips that can help you maintain cholesterol and a healthy heart.

  1. Have your fruits and veggies: This is advice that our mothers have been giving us since early childhood and this definitely holds true till the very end. Every vegetable be it bhindi, bottle gourd, pumpkin, cabbage or cauliflower should be consumed for a heart-friendly diet. However, these shouldn’t be overcooked or made in too much oil. Fruits and veggies contain loads of minerals and vitamins and are generally low in calories. Moreover, they have a nutrient value present for reducing cholesterol-fibre. Fruits and veggies should be a part of your daily diet at all costs.
  • Switch to whole grains: Eating white rice, bread and maida in addition to having Maggie and instant oats like products is bad for the health and the heart. It is better to switch to brown rice, brown bread and the like and it is also advisable that you consume grains like barley, quinoa, ragi and jowar as they are friends of the body and the heart. Diet researchers have noticed a lower risk of heart diseases in people who consume whole grains on a regular basis. The fibre in whole grains tends to fill you up and you end up eating fewer foods as a part of cravings which means lesser calories as well.

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  • Cut down on bad fats: One should limit the use and consumption of bad fats like butter, cheese, full-fat milk to a restricted amount in order to sustain in the heart game. Switching to cold presses oils made without chemicals and heat like extra virgin olive oil, sesame and sunflower cold-pressed oils are ideal for cooking as well as for the heart. However, this doesn’t mean one should consume these oils excessively as they might result in bad fat like reactions if taken in excess.
  • Include Omega 3 rich foods in the diet: While Omega 3 is found in seafood like fish, one can also consume Omega 3 rich foods in plant-based options like flaxseeds, walnuts, canola, soybean and tofu. Green leafy vegetables and eggs also consist of Omega 3. Consuming Omega 3 rich foods reduces blood pressure and plaque buildup. They also tend to reduce inflammation, risk of cancer and strokes. Make sure these foods are consumed 1-2 times a week. Alternatives like fish oil capsules can also be used to increase and sustain Omega 3 intake.

You don’t need to change your diet drastically to have a healthy heart. However, minding proportions and removing unhealthy foods slowly is the key. It is extremely important to connect with a dietician in order to have a perfect daily diet leading to a perfectly healthy heart adding more years to your age. If you are looking for a dietician that is easy to contact and doesn’t give you fancy diets that are difficult to follow, contact Dietician Priyatama Srivastava – the best dietician in Delhi NCR and Gurgaon.

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