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Stop starving, focus on well-being with Diabetes diet plan

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Stop starving, focus on well-being with Diabetes diet plan

diet for diabetes

diet for diabetes

Staying healthy, and happy and focusing on emotional well-being are the top priorities addressed by almost every individual. Eating well, taking precautions to prevent diseases, and managing the sleep cycle are often followed by people. However, diabetes is a chronic health disorder that most people realize when they get tested for the same or start experiencing discomfort probably side effects. According to WHO, there are 77 million people above the age of 18 years, who have been diagnosed with the different stages of diabetes. From insulin resistance, being pre-diabetic, and type-2 diabetes patient to managing type 2 diabetes with vascular conditions, there are multiple issues that can be experienced as a consequence of this chronic health disorder. 

Even though diabetes cannot be cured or treated overnight, it is a balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle, and keeping track of blood sugar are among the top considerations. As a matter of fact, eating well and knowing how to eliminate food items with high glycemic index and eating well are necessary to cope with the impact of diabetes. Besides, staying active throughout the day like allocating the duration for work, keeping out stress, and consulting with the best nutritionist in Gurgaon for a personalized diet plan will be the smooth pathway towards diabetes management. 

Top 5 tips to eat healthy to reverse the signs of diabetes 

In order to manage the blood glucose level, it is also essential to monitor blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It has been often observed that many people self-isolate while staying at home and struggling to reduce the symptoms or major factors influencing diabetes. Nevertheless, the whole idea is to remember that to regularize the blood sugar level, the common solution does not serve the purpose. Whether it is type 1 or type 2 diabetes, the simple and realistic food hacks can make a difference in the lives of diabetics: 

  1. Healthier carbs should be chosen with proper portion 

If you are fond of adding carbs to your diet, then, knowing which of these are beneficial is a must. Factually speaking, carbohydrates can raise the blood glucose level when not moderated in the diet plan. Additionally, the portion size should also be regulated in order to enjoy carbs without experiencing a spike in blood glucose sugar. Some of the sources of healthy carbs include whole grains like buckwheat, whole oats, and brown rice, pulses like chickpeas, and lentils, fruits with low glycaemic index, and unsweetened milk & yogurt. Additionally, the intake of highly processed cereals, foods with low fiber, and white rice should be reduced for diabetes management. 

  1. Eat less processed and red meat 

Having bigger portions of meat needs to be revised to cut down the carbs intake. Hence, lesser portions of ham, bacon, lamb, sausages, and beef should be considered. Red and processed meat can lead to cardiac issues and cancer, hence, diabetics should regulate their intake. On the other hand, replacing processed & red meat with eggs, fish, unsalted nuts and beans & lentils will be a smart move to satiate appetite and keep the intake of good carbs regulated. 

  1. Cut down the salt intake 

The increased amount of salt intake can lead to high blood pressure, further keeping you at risk of cardiac issues. Most of all, when you are suffering from diabetes, then, eating lots of salt can lead to multiple health issues. Therefore, pre-packaged food that already contains salt should be avoided. Ideally, the maximum quantity of salt to be consumed should be 6g while cooking food at home. Eventually, the use of herbs & spices can be used to retain the flavor of your favorite dishes will be the best way to replace salt in the diabetic diet. 

  1. Add fruits and veggies to your diet 

Since fruits contain natural sugar, they can be consumed in their whole form to manage fibre, vitamins, and minerals required by the body while staying healthy throughout the day. On the contrary, frozen or tinned juices with added sugars should be avoided to maintain blood glucose levels. 

  1. Prioritize healthier fats 

Healthier fats obtained from unsalted nuts, avocado, olive oil, and sunflower oil can be included in the diabetic diet while enjoying a quality life. But, there is yet another ideal option to prefer steamed, grilled, or baked foods to stick to a healthier diet and better lifestyle. 

Here’s a quick diet chart that the best nutritionist in Gurgaon has prepared for you to cope with diabetes without starving while focusing on overall wellness.  

Diet Chart for Diabetes

Early morning Methi water 200ml..

1 Veg grilled sandwich with coriander chutney
Medium bowl of vegetable poha
Medium bowl of vegetable oats
1 Besan chilla with coriander chutney
2 Rava idli with coriander chutney
Medium bowl of Vermicili upma
1 Paneer uttapam with coriander chutney

Mid morning
1 apple/orange/kiwi/guava

1 Paneer bhurji wrap with Chutney with salad bowl
1 Ragi, jowar, oats, multigrain flour Chapati n medium bowl of Bhindi mix onion veg/loki/pumpkin/capsicum mix paneer veg/tinda/parwal/karela mix onion /mix veg/moong dal/matar mushroom curry with salad bowl
1 plain dosa with coriander chutney
Medium bowl of vegetable daliya
1 veg roll with Chutney with salad bowl
Medium bowl of vegetable khichdi
1 Oats chilla with coriander chutney

Cup of green tea/coffee with 2 Marie biscuits or handful of makhana/1 khakhra/handful of roasted chana/handful of puffed rice

Medium bowl of Grilled paneer
Medium bowl of Bhel puri chaat
Medium bowl of Roasted vegetable
Medium bowl of Nutritious bhel
8-10 pcs of mushroom tikka with salad bowl
Medium bowl of Paneer salsa salad
Medium bowl of Tomato soup

(Go for a walk for 45 min. In the evening OR morning)

For additional queries, and clarifications related to the diabetes diet plan, speak with our nutritionists at GoMoringa at

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