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Healthy Diet Plan for Night Shift Workers (Employees)

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Healthy Diet Plan for Night Shift Workers (Employees)

Diet Plan for Night Shift Employee

The night shift is a necessary part of the regular workday in many industries which is why a diet plan for working people is required. Companies work to generate as much output as possible during the night to satisfy market demands. Working till late night or in shifts at night can in many ways bring a lot of change to your life. Our body is designed to function during the day, and at night to rest. When we work at night, although that’s against our normal rhythms of the body, it results in a specific set of problems, including weight gain and undue stress.

It is crucial for you to pay more attention to your sleep, diet and the time that you eat food if you work a night shift. Two big things you need to concentrate on are sufficient sleep and make good food choices along with a diet plan for working people. Shift work involves working beyond the normal time frame of 7 am – 6 pm. You might find that healthy eating can be a challenge.

Effect of Shift Work Over Your Health:

Working the night shift causes the body to work against its normal circadian patterns on a schedule that goes against it. It’s not a smart idea most of the time to go against what mother nature implemented. When you work shifts, you may find you are experiencing:

  • A change in appetite
  • Trouble falling asleep or getting sleep
  • Gaining weight or weight loss
  • Constipation, diarrhoea, gas and heartburn with digestion

The good news is that you can prevent some of these issues by eating healthy, being active and by following a specific diet plan for people in night shifts.

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Tips to Eat Healthier During Night Shifts:

Eat Healthier During Night Shifts

#1 – Pack Wholesome Meals and Snacks:

On your shift, taking healthy meals and snacks from home will make it easier to eat well. Include a range of food with plenty of vegetables and fruits, whole grains and protein-rich food.

#2 – Before Leaving for Work, Eat Your Main Meal:

You can find yourself eating a big meal twice if you work night shifts, first at home and then at work again. This can lead to an increase in weight. A few hours before going to work, eat your main meal. Try to eat a small meal during your change and have healthy snacks spread out.

#3 – Before Bed, Have a Light Snack:

Whole Grain Toast with Peanut Butter

Sleeping well is difficult if you’re too full or too hungry. always eat healthy snacks like whole grain roti with milk and fruit, a piece of whole-grain toast with a little peanut butter or smoothies before bed.

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#4 – Avoiding Sweet Snacks:

Foods high in sugar can give you a short burst of energy, such as a chocolate bar or soft drink, but can later leave you feeling sluggish. When you start feeling tired and hungry, a snack with a little protein will provide energy. Try a handful of fruit, almonds, hummus with pita bread, yoghurt, or make granola bars of your own.

#5 – Cut Down Caffeine:

You can stay alert by drinking caffeinated beverages, but too much caffeine can interrupt sleep, make you feel anxious or grumpy, and make your stomach upset. Switch to decaffeinated tea or coffee, or herbal tea, to cut down on caffeine.

#6 – Take Active Breaks:

During your break, do some stretches. Walk upstairs for meeting colleagues, or go for a quick walk. It will give you the energy to finish your shift, enhance your mood and help you sleep better by being physically active at work.

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Diet Plan for Night Shift:

Healthy Diet Plan by Dietician

If you have irregular eating patterns and are a night shift worker, then carry these diet plans to work for a balanced work-life balance. Timings can be changed according to your comfort.

1st Meal: 6:30 AM

  • 2 Egg whites with 200ml milk or upma mix vegetable, 1 bowl Or 2 peanut butter toast and milk toned 200ml
  • Sleep after half an hour

2nd Meal: Lunch at 3 PM

  • Daliya khichdi mix veg and curd Or 2 Chapatis, Dal and Salad Or 2 Idli and sambhar

5 PM: Apple or Any Fruit

6 PM: Green Tea

7 PM: Dinner. 2 Chapatis and Any Green Vegetable

9 PM: 2 Egg Whites Boiled or few Paneer Pieces

12:30 AM: Poha Mix Veg – 1 bowl or 1 Any Green Veg Sandwich

2 AM: 1 Orange

3 AM: Green Tea

One of the known side effects for people working night shifts is water retention. This is a common problem occurring in today’s youth.

The techniques that work best for someone else can vary from what works for you. Consider consulting with a dietitian for more personalised advice about how to eat during your night shift. Contact Go Moringa for a weight loss diet for the night shift.

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