Pre-wedding diet plan for weight loss by professional dietician Go Moringa

Pre Wedding diet with Go Moringa

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Pre Wedding diet with Go Moringa


Congratulations Bride to be! Finally, the day you’ve dreamt of since the very first time you got an idea of the concept of marriage has now arrived. So many preparations and so many decisions on the way await you the minute you say yes to marriage. But most importantly, the pressure to look perfect on your wedding day is unreal, to say the least. No end minute fitting or touch up will fix what weeks and months of hard work on yourself for your D-day will do.

A wedding isn’t a wedding without the bride being fed ladoos and congratulatory mithais by every relative which might secretly stack up a few pounds for the bride before she wonders why is her wedding attired a tad bit tighter than before!

Dietician Priyatama Srivastava – the best dietician in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR has put together a few things that could help you shed a few extra kilos before you fit into your beautiful wedding attire or just help you maintain shape till your wedding day.

Stress-free planning : Though a term like stress-free planning doesn’t technically exist for a bride, it is important that in the midst of tedious planning and shopping for everyone and every occasion of the wedding, the bride needs to cut down on stress.

Weddings are invitations for relatives to come as per their whims and wishes and bring along with them stress in one form or the other for our lovely bride to be! However, amidst all this chaos the bride shouldn’t take a back seat on a healthy diet but instead, try to incorporate stress-free wedding planning for a stress-free wedding.

NO Crash Diets : No matter how result-oriented a crash diet might be the weight gain after a crash diet is at the same speed it reduced when you were crash dieting. Remember there are no shortcuts to fitness. It is not important to look slim at your wedding, it is important to look fit and healthy which doesn’t mean looking lean only. When a woman decides to look fit and healthy for her wedding it is also supposed to be something she continues to be for the new phase of her life instead of a sudden crash diet for a temporary span of time.

Hydration is Key : Your shopping sprees and sangeet practices will drain you out, it is important to constantly sip on water and fresh juices to keep yourself hydrated throughout. Staying hydrated will help you flush out toxins from the skin giving you glowing skin, healthy hair and also helps you lose weight!

Nutrition Nourishment : Avoiding a certain portion of carbs altogether won’t help. Even if you’re indulging in a guilty sweet tooth pleasure or anything that doesn’t fall within your pre-wedding diet make sure you balance it out or find a way to make it loaded with nutrients. It is also beneficial to add salads, lentils, protein and green vegetables to your diet hence nourishing your body with nutrients and minerals.

Avoid whites and choose healthy fats : Avoid white sugar, white rice and maida, these are a strict NO-NO for the bride to be especially when she’s aiming to lose some weight or stay fit till the wedding. Fats are often misunderstood as unhealthy at all times which is not true. Including healthy fats like avocado and nuts which are rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 known to improve skin and hair.

Fruits and Veggies : Your pre-wedding glow won’t even need makeup if you consume fruits and vegetables like-

Beetroot: Rich in anti-inflammatory properties, vitamins and minerals that make your skin glow and help prevent acne.

Strawberry: Known to improve complexion, reduces skin wrinkles and fine lines.

Tomato: Rich in lycopene, tomato helps the skin glow and reduces pimples and dark spots owing to the acid present in them.

Quick fix pre-wedding diet plan :

Early Morning- Have 1 glass of Luke warm water

Morning- Have a fruit like banana along with 4-5 almonds and water infused with ginger/jeera or the like or replace it with green tea

Breakfast- Any food item that falls within the range of oats chilla, poha, upma, omelette with orange juice and the like will do

Snack- Salad made of chickpea or sprouts along with veggies garnished with chaat masala and coriander/fruit salad/ boiled eggs

Lunch- Rice or roti along with leafy vegetables, curd or curd rice

Snack- Fruit salad/ handful of nuts or makhana

Dinner- Don’t have late dinners, it is important to have an early dinner so you can sleep well as well as let the body process digestion effectively.

You can have chicken/dal along with multigrain rotis with sabji for dinner

Remember, consistency is key and that a healthy and simple diet can be your staple even after your goal has been achieved. Losing weight is all about making healthier choices and Go Moringa propagates exactly that. Weddings might be stressful and a self-designed diet may seem like a task, hence it is advisable to consult a dietician like Dietician Priyatama Srivastava, who can study your underlying issues if any and suggest a diet tailored just for you.

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