2 Week Weight Loss Tips with Go Moringa, The Best Dietitian in Gurgaon

2 Week Weight Loss Tips with Go Moringa

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2 Week Weight Loss Tips with Go Moringa

Week Weight Loss Tips with Go Moringa

If you were asked whether you want to be fit and healthy, your answer would be a big YES! Let’s understand how fitness is not a particular weight, as a dietitian I suggest everyone be the level of fit and healthy that their body requires them to be instead of chasing size zero diets and ending up misbalancing the bodily functions.

While it is important to lose weight when you’re getting to the heavier side, it is also important to lose weight in a healthy manner rather than choosing FAD or trendy diets. And an all-liquid diet is a strict NO-NO. This is the importance of consulting an efficient and experienced dietitian, like Dietitian Priyatama Srivastava- the best dietician in Delhi NCR and Gurgaon. She not only uses a friendly approach with regular follow-ups to come up with a consistent and result-oriented diet plan for you but also ensures that your diet plan is well in sync with your underlying body conditions, your likes and your dislikes. Dietitian Priyatama Srivastava has put together a few tips in this blog, that can kick start your result-oriented 2-week weight loss process.

Result Oriented 2 Week Weight Loss Tips and Process:

#Tips No 1:

Replacing some of the items that you consume on a daily basis that might unknowingly add to your weight gain, hence replacing these items for instance can help you see results: 

  • Replace full cream milk with low fat or fat-free milk, like almond or soya milk
  • Replace brown sugar with white sugar, or if you can replace sugar altogether with jaggery as a sweetener you’d be doing yourself a huge fitness favour! 
  • Replace white rice with healthy brown rice
  • Replace your oily, spicy snacks with fresh fruits or nuts and seeds

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#Tips No 2:

Two Week Weight Loss Diet Plan

Opt for modest short term meals. Instead of consuming 3 large meals a day, divide them into 5-6 meals a day into controlled portions. Spacing your meals across regular intervals will prevent acidity and reduce bloating. Moreover, this will curb the largely prevalent habit of snacking. You won’t need a foreign diet plan for this, just reducing oily food as a part of your meal plan and following the staple Indian diet can do wonders for weight loss!

#Tips No 3:

Indians have a commonly prevailing habit of having a late dinner. They follow the ideology of ‘the later the better.’ In order to see efficient weight loss results, it is important to consume dinner by 8 PM. The reasoning behind this is that metabolism slows down at night, which leads to weight gain in most people.

#Tips No 4:

Drinking Water for Weight Loss

Hydrate, Hydrate and Hydrate more! The importance of drinking water cannot be stressed enough. Not only is it good for the organs and the skin but also works as a natural body coolant in these blatant summers! What’s even better? Water has 0 calories and it can keep your hunger pangs at bay.

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#Tips No 5:

When it comes to effective weight loss plans that enable you to kick start your weight loss journey within 2 weeks, eating a lot of fibre can help you a lot. An average individual needs 15 grams of fibre every day as it aids digestion and balances heart health. Consuming oats, lentils, flax seeds, apples and broccoli-like food items are great sources of fibre.

All in all, in addition to practising the tips mentioned above, you must also engage yourself in physical movements like yoga or exercise such as cardio, gym or walking.

It is not necessary to ditch your entire daily diet, all you need to do is follow a balanced Indian meal plan and consult Dietitian Priyatama Srivastava to give you a diet plan well in sync with your health goals, body conditions as also your likes and dislikes!

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