Weight Loss: Navratri diet plan that can help you lose weight

Weight Loss: Navratri diet plan that can help you lose weight

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Weight Loss: Navratri diet plan that can help you lose weight

Navratri is an important festival of the Hindus that is celebrated worldwide for nine days at a stretch. A good number of Women and men are known to fast for the well-being of their family. If you have gained weight recently, then this is perhaps the right time to shed excess baggage. With the festival fast approaching, you may want to know how to fast and lose weight while opting the traditional route!

Detoxing the body

Medical science considers fasting as a good way to detox the human body. The long nine day fasting during this festival allows you lose weight as well as tone your body. But if the diet plan is not proper, then chances are you may put on additional weight even after fasting! There are several obvious reasons cited for the nine-day fasting to make you gain weight. You can get the right diet plan created by the reputed weight loss dietician.

Reasons to gain weight

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  • During the fast breaking session, many tend to go crazy and prefer to indulge in anything that they come across. This leads to gain in body weight.
  • There are certain foods that are that are easily available in the market like packaged items, thalis, chips, laddoos, etc. They cause gain in weight.
  • Skipping vegetables and fruits while fasting or consuming excess food offered outside besides home cooked food results in weight gain. Not consuming water in sufficient amounts also causes this problem.

Weight loss and detox tips in Navratri diet plan

  • Frequent, small meals: Many consider fasting to be staying away from food only to starve themselves. This results in sharp drop in blood glucose levels, thereby taking away your precious energy. Rather than consuming a single heavy meal in one go, it will be wise to break it into small meals that can be taken 3-4 times throughout the day.
  • Vegetables: Vegetables have in them essential minerals and vitamins that are necessary for the body. Having more of vegetables throughout the fasting days will ensure that you stay fuller for a long time. This will also prevent you from indulging in binge eating. You may include in your diet plan vegetable soup or vegetable salads. This way, you will regain lost energy.
  • Stay mobile: It is quite obvious for you to feel lazy and tired while fasting. It might only make you feel to move less and have more rest. However, health experts are against this. A balanced diet will be necessary to make you feel strong, happy, satisfied and energetic. Hence, besides considering what to consume, you should also perform some exercises regularly.
  • Stay hydrated: While fasting, it is natural for your body to become weak and hungry. You will not be able to eat any solids during the fasting hours. But no one is stopping you from having water. Have plenty of it. In case you don’t prefer drinking plain water, consider other available options. It includes fruit juice, vegetable juice, coconut water, nimbu pani to stay hydrated. This will prevent dehydration.
  • Low-fat food: Once fasting is ended for the day, you do need good, healthy, nutritious food. You may consider having low fat cream, milk and cheese instead of full cream cheese or milk. Low fat options offer essential nutrients to your body like minerals, amino-acids and protein. They are all vital for you overall wellbeing and keep you in good mood.
  • Healthy homemade snacks: You can find a wide range of packaged snacks in the market that are readily available. Many even claim to be made from superior quality ingredients and edible items. But nothing can beat home-cooked food. It is more so when snacks is concerned. A healthier version when availed is sure to support your weight-loss efforts. Why have the market-made vrat vadas, laddus and chips, etc. when you can easily roast some chana, makhana or peanuts.

Other useful tips to follow

Strictly avoid oily items and fried foods such as aloo chips and kuttu puri. The best way to cook weight-loss foods is steaming, boiling and sautéing. Replace carbonated beverages and sweets with fruit juices, fruits and low-fat milk smoothies. Stay hydrated and flushes out harmful toxins from the body by increasing your water intake. During fast, do not neglect your meals. During morning hours, take a stroll in the nearby park or in your lawn.

Following the regimen

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If you are still confused as to what you should intake and avoid during the fasting days or don’t know how to start, research the web. Also take into consideration your existing health issues, problems and allergies suffered from. Consult a reputed dietician who can develop a diet chart based on your specific health needs for all the nine days and beyond. Follow the chart sincerely to ensure losing weight and not losing your health also. This way, the festival can be enjoyed and you can gain a new shape to be proud about.

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