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Wholesome Breakfast For A Healthy Body

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Wholesome Breakfast For A Healthy Body

Wholesome Breakfast For A Healthy Body

There’s an age-old saying that follows the lines of ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,’ now this is something we have heard throughout our childhood and is also a part of age-old folklores wherein kings would believe having a hearty breakfast was the key to starting a good and healthy day. 

Breakfasts are the first meal of our day and are generally supposed to be full of nutrition and deliciousness whilst also providing us with enough energy to get through the mornings and sustain ourselves till it is time for lunch. While having foods like eggs, upma, poha and the like are breakfast staples it is actually advisable to have such light yet energy-providing breakfast for kick-starting a power-packed day.

Dietician Priyatama Srivastava – an expert dietician in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR has summed up her extensive knowledge of food and nutrition towards breakfast in this blog to help you understand why breakfast is imperative to have and what can you possibly have for breakfast.

Starting your day with a breakfast packed with nutrition jumpstarts your metabolism which in turn boosts the fuel to your body and brain. Apart from nutritional value, breakfast adds to your mental alertness and physical performance as well. 

Here are a few reasons why having wholesome breakfast as a meal is important:

#1 – Breakfast Encourages Healthy Eating:

Breakfast Extra During Pregnancy

People who eat breakfast are more likely to consume more calcium like milk and less saturated fat than those who skip breakfast and starve themselves altogether. A wholesome breakfast is a key to people reaching their daily bodily requirements of fruits and vegetables as well.

#2 – Breakfast Balances Blood Sugar Levels:

Having breakfast helps the body in the process of breaking down glucose or blood sugar better. Breakfast kick starts your metabolism and enables people to burn calories throughout the day thus helping them avoid unnecessary weight gain.

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#3 – Breakfast Increases Your Energy Levels:

breakfast for healthy body

People who consume breakfast experience an increase in physical activity as compared to people who skip having it. Body movements on an active basis help the body prevent weight gain and fatigue.

#4 – Breakfast Boosts Heart Health:

When breakfast is skipped for prolonged periods, it contributes to the risk of disease which not only includes high cholesterol but heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

#5 – Breakfast Stimulates The Brain:

Consuming breakfast can stabilize your glucose levels and also increase the ability of your body and brain to focus, reason and process information.

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While these reasons are just the surface of breakfast being extremely important towards a healthy body and lifestyle, did you know what happens when you skip breakfast? When you skip breakfast owing to laziness, thinking you’ll have more food during lunch or any other reason, you miss out on essential nutrients, vitamins and fibre that are crucial towards a well-balanced diet. Moreover, people who skip a wholesome breakfast are 5 times more likely to be obese than people who eat breakfast. 

Having breakfast as an important meal does not mean eating cheese sandwiches and pancakes every day! It is important to note that when you set a menu for your breakfast, remember to avoid sugary breakfasts and instead opt for a combination of whole grains, proteins, healthy fats and vitamins. Your breakfast shouldn’t be too heavy which results in lethargy but it shouldn’t be a couple of biscuits and tea either. Ensure to give your body its first meal in a calculated and correct manner. 

Having a dietician makes planning meals the right way much easier, and even more effortless if the dietician is as knowledgeable, experienced and friendly as Dietician Priyatama Srivastava!

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