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Go Moringa is a nutri diet and food clinic is committed to provide medically approved diet plans for weight loss, weight gain, body & figure correction, pregnancy and to treat various lifestyle diseases like Thyroid, Diabetes, Hypertension, PCOD, Depression, Obesity, Gout, Snoring, Sleep Apnea, Cholesterol, Gallstones. These diet plans are tailored made individual driven around one’s needs and food preferences. Go Moringa offers healthy ways of dealing with medical problems through healthy diet and nutrition management.

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Weight Loss

Go Moringa’s Weight Loss Diet Programs are effective and have been charted out under the professional guidance of experts in Nutrition and Dietitian. Go Moringa provides healthy ways to lose weight.

Weight Gain

Go Moringa’s diet plans are dedicated to help one in gaining healthy weight and maintaining overall health management leading healthy mind and body.

Inch Loss Treatment

Go Moringa provides Body and Figure correction strategies to make one slim and fit through recommended medically proven ways of healthy eating and intake of essential nutrients and vitamins which aids in inch loss and make one feel happy.

Therapeutic Diet

At Go Moringa, Dietitian and Nutritionist uses scientific research on health diseases and food and brings up with practical guidance on how and what to include in healthy diet as a therapy to cure various lifestyle diseases by making appropriate dietary and food changes.

Weight Loss

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Dietician Priyatama Srivastava From Nutri Diet Clinic

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Vishnu Shankar Kumar

Amazing results in very short duration, I have joined her 2 months back with 89.5 kg weight and disturbed Lipid profile.

Despite of Doctor's suggestion she told me not to go for any medicine and committed to get hold of all these problems within 3 months through diet and nutrition plan only.

Her confidence and experience on subject gets reflected in her way of communication which eventually gave me confidence to go for her programme.

Now after 2 months I am entirely a changed personality with body weight of 75.6 kg and I am feeling extremely good and confident from within.

Thanks a lot Dr. Priya for the change you brought in my life.

I will strongly recommend her services to everyone who is in need.

Veenit varma

The way of handling diverse health issues and providing successful diet guidance is awesome. I had a very nice experience at Go Moringa Clinic. Since last 3 years I was trying to get rid of PCOD/PCOS, but nothing worked. One of my ants recommended me to visit here and i visited. Dt.Priyatama Srivastava took a long session in diagnosing the problem and accordingly provided me the nutri diet which helped me a lot in curing the problem of PCOD/PCOS. I must say, people must consult her once before going for expensive treatments. Thanks a lot Priya.

Anjali Agrawal

The Nutri Diet guidance really helped me a lot for weight gain. Being 37 years old it was really tough for me to perform regular dite, but Priya you did a great job on my weight gain. Thankyou, Well Done

Aditya joshi

Inspiring and effective. I lost 8kgs and 4.5 inches on my abs in 3 months.

A great routine with regular consulting. Feeling lighter and sharper.

I love the way the diet plan was not a punishment but a push towards discipline.

Thank You.

Discover Home

Dt. Priyatama helped me a lot in treating the thyroid problem by providing best dieting guidance. It took approx. 5 to 6 months to get the result, but I am happy with their genuine efforts. Thanks a lot mam.

Alok Virmani

It was my first experience of consulting a dietician and it has by far been really nice. I’ve lost 4kgs in my first month and tend to lose more eventually. Her diet plan with a little exercise of my own have shown some great results. And the most important thing is that you’re eating so much and still losing weight. Thank you!

Kakoli Banerjee

Priya is a very good doctor. She helped me reduce 14kgs of weight in 4 months. She also helped in reducing my sugar level from 180 to 99. Five stars for her. She has supported me throughout.

Hemangi Sharma

Priyatama is a great nutritionist. This is my first time that I am consulting a dietitian. The experience is great so far. I always look forward to her diet and new recipes. She keeps in touch whenever you need her. I lost 10 kgs in 2.5 months. Looking forward to achive my target with her consultation.

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