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Balanced Diet For Breastfeeding Mother – The Nutrition Source For Infant 

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May 6, 2024
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Balanced Diet For Breastfeeding Mother – The Nutrition Source For Infant 


Balanced Diet For Breastfeeding Mother

Breastfeeding is a natural process aimed at providing essential nutrients and antibodies that contribute to the baby’s growth. Even though, the infant may get benefitted, the lactating woman needs to focus on her well-being and receiving all the nutrients sufficient for the baby. From keeping in mind that the right type of food is being consumed, and the foods that can cause digestive problems or allergies to the baby, the dietary balance needs to be managed. Moreover, the amount of nutrition required for the baby in the crucial stage of development demands the breastfeeding mother’s proper nutrition. According to best dietician in Delhi NCR, the right portion of food to be consumed by the mother denotes the intake of extra calories to gain sufficient nutrition for the newborn, as well. 

Well, the women who are worried about the weight after pregnancy, these extra calories consumed will not affect their weight. Since the extra calories will be used during breastfeeding, proper nutrition is a must for the lactating mother. On the other hand, if the postpartum weight loss goals have already been attained, then, extra 500-600 calories should be consumed. The top dietician in Delhi NCR recommends that food planning during breastfeeding is maintains maternal health and well-being of the newborn baby. From focusing on the nutrient-rich food and dairy product to understand the proper timings of food consumption, a diet chart needs to be followed. At GoMoringa, we understand that the source of goodness for the mother & infant should be rightly focused on, hence, here’s the diet for breastfeeding mother curated by our team – 

Diet for breastfeeding

Early morning…coriander water 200ml..

Then 6 soaked almonds n 2 walnuts n 1 date n 1 fig n 2 apricot

1 ragi chilla with coriander chutney
+200ml toned milk
1 rava dosa with coriander chutney
Medium bowl of Quinoa veg upma with 200ml beetroot mix pomegranate juice
Medium bowl of paneer poha with 200ml fresh orange juice

Mid morning..
1 apple/orange/kiwi

1 Paneer bhurji wrap with Chutney with salad bowl
2 Ragi/ jowar/ oats/ multigrain flour Chapati n medium bowl of Bhindi mix onion veg/pumpkin veg /capsicum mix paneer veg / parwalveg /mix veg/moong dal/matar mushroom curry with salad bowl
1 veg roll with Chutney with salad bowl
1 paneer uttapam with coriander chutney

Cup of green tea/coffee +handful of makhana/ handful of roasted chana /handful of puffed rice / 200ml toned milk mix 1/2 tsp shatavri powder with 2-3 threptin biscuits
1 atta ladoo / 1 ragi ladoo Dinner
Medium bowl of multigrain khichdi
Medium bowl of jowar upma
Medium bowl of vegetable daliya
Medium bowl of vegetable oats

At bedtime
200ml toned milk/ medium bowl of papaya

(Go for a walk for 45 min. In the evening OR morning)

Significance of diet plan for lactating mother 

The overall well-being, emotional health and the balanced diet altogether help the lactating mother in providing proper nutrition to her newborn child. Interestingly, postpartum depression can be avoided when the proper diet is followed by the breastfeeding women while ensuring the right source of food is consumed by the infant. On a practical note, the water intake should be monitored to stay hydrated, if the sufficient water intake is not possible, then, soup, fruit juice and milk can be included. This will ensure that breastfeeding and the hydration level of your body stay intact. 

Apart from the hydration, the low-sugar & low-fat diet should be focused on by you to stay healthy as your propre nutrition will influence the baby growth, positively. Nevertheless, craving food and comfort food can be consumed occasionally, but, the moderation of sugar & fat intake during the breastfeeding is important. On the other hand, the consumption of eggs, milk, and chicken along with the other protein-enriched foods should be included in the diet. On a whole, the balanced diet for lactating mother and the infant gets managed simultaneously. Therefore, consulting with our experts and sharing your dietary preferences will help us in offering you personalized advice. Contact us at +91-9910922899 to schedule consultation with our dietician!

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