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Cancer Recovery Is Made Easier With A Well-Curated Diet Plan

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Cancer Recovery Is Made Easier With A Well-Curated Diet Plan



Among the various diseases, cancer is among the most common reasons of death. However, if timely treatment, clinical evaluation and prevention are focused on, the survival rate can be improved. Irrespective of its type, cancer is caused by the development of abnormal cells that spread rapidly in the body. In the past few years, the innovation & improved treatment approaches and awareness about cancer prevention have helped patients in increasing their prospects of recovery. Some of the symptoms like fatigue, skin discoloration (redness, yellowish color, or redness of the skin) along with the sores, persistent indigestion, and unexplained bleeding or bruising should not be ignored. In fact, it is the early detection, and clinical advice of a doctor specializing in cancer treatment helps you recover. 

Be it lung cancer, blood cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, or colorectal cancer, the spread of cancer is becoming common. Being a complicated disease, anyone can suffer from cancer, though, its symptoms may be witnessed as a less serious illness. However, when the symptoms stated above persist more than two weeks, it is ideal to consult the healthcare provider. Alternatively, paying heed to the instructions of the top dietician in Delhi NCR at Go Moringa will be effective in eliminating risk factors of cancer. 

Lifestyle habits that should be changed to cope with cancer 

While seeking medical advice for the diagnosis of cancer, you need to address the healthy living principles. For instance, smoking in any form is one of the major risk factors that can lead to cancer irrespective of whether it is traditional cigarette, cigar, or other variations. This habit should be eliminated from your lifestyle while focusing on a low-fat diet. Moreover, the food with high-sugar food needs to be removed from the daily food intake and exposure to toxins in the environment should be avoided. Apart from these risk factors, extra protein and calories along with dairy food should be added to the diet to cope with cancer. 

How do you recover with the cancer diet plan?

As mentioned above the type of food, lifestyle habits and the other changes, the dietitian with profound knowledge, can clearly prepare the diet chart. As a matter of fact, the quantity of food, frequency of food intake and the other moderated diet-plan instructions need to be followed. 

Apparently, in addition to the treatment, lifestyle changes, and healthy living altogether boost the chances of survival from cancer. It further implies that diet management and adherence to the nutrients enriched plan also play a vital role in recovering from the cancer. The best dietician in Delhi NCR affirms that catering to the requirements for cancer patients may be variable. But, adding lots of vegetables, whole grains, and fruits along with lean protein & dairy products is effective in restoring their normal life balance. 

Cancer diet plan

Early morning…coriander water 200ml..

Then 6 soaked almonds n 2 walnuts

Then have 200ml homemade protein shake

1 paneer sandwich with 200ml banana milk shake
1 paneer uttapam with coriander chutney
1 moong dal chilla with coriander chutney
Medium bowl of boiled black chana/ rajma chaat mixed with chopped tomato,cucumber, onion

Mid morning..
1 apple/orange/kiwi

1 Paneer bhurji wrap with Chutney with salad bowl
1 soya mix besan flour Chapati n medium bowl of moong dal / paneer bhurji mix onion veg/ green beans veg/ capsicum mix paneer veg/ bhindi veg
Medium bowl of high protein khichdi
1 oats chilla with coriander chutney

After lunch have 200ml chaaz mix chia seeds/ medium bowl of curd mix chia seeds/ 1 yogurt box topped 2tbsp pomegranate

Cup of tea or green tea/ coffee / 200ml toned milk / 200ml Coconut water
Handful of roasted chana/ makhana

Medium bowl of vegetable oats
Medium bowl of chana chaat
Medium bowl of paneer salsa salad
4-5 pcs of paneer tikka with salad bowl
Medium bowl of moong dal ki chaat

At bedtime
A cup of green tea / medium bowl of papaya

(Go for a walk for 45 min. In the evening OR morning)

To understand the side effects of food or discuss any other health conditions before following the diet plan, reach out to Go Moringa at

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