5 Healthy Dinner Ideas with Go Moringa, A Nutri Diet Clinic in Gurgaon

5 Healthy Dinner Ideas with Go Moringa

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5 Healthy Dinner Ideas with Go Moringa

Healthy Dinner Ideas with Go Moringa

Dinner is just as important as breakfast and shouldn’t be skipped. The meal timing strategy must be set in accordance with your bodily functions and one should not trifle with it.  Dinner is an important meal to fuel up your body just like having breakfast and lunch at regular intervals.

Dietician Priyatama Srivastava – an extremely well-known dietician in Delhi NCR and Gurgaon always emphasizes having smaller portions and lighter meals for dinner to get closer to a healthy lifestyle. Eating a healthy and light dinner will aid your body to maintain its levels and functions and also clear your bowels. Dinner is also an important meal because it gives you energy and fills you up for a long day full of activities and exertion.

Here are a few dinner options for all sorts of individuals based in accordance with their health needs:

Healthy Dinner Ideas For Better Health and Lifestyle

High Protein Dinner:

Sources of Healthy Proteins

This is a low on carbs but high protein dinner idea for people who work out and want to add more muscle but not gain excessive weight. People with such bodily needs can have masoor dal along with beans and sprouts salad or tofu. Another addition to this is 2 rotis. However, the best option for those who prefer a high protein diet is to consume non-veg for dinner such as chicken tikka. The veg option for the same would be paneer tikka. Both of these options are high in protein and are parts of weight loss diets.

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Dinner for Weight Watchers:

This dinner idea is for people who wish to keep a check on their weight. Mushroom soup and mixed vegetable salad along with sprouts and cucumber raita or a high protein chicken and vegetable salad with veggies like bell peppers, lettuce and olives. You can also have sookhi sabji with a preparation of jowar and bajra rotis if you wish to have a fuller meal. Moreover, consuming more vegetables and less grains could be what you shall keep in mind when opting for dinner ideas. Poha and Upma are also filling options as dinner for weight watchers.

High Fibre Dinner:

Dietary fiber

This is for people who wish to have meals with high satiety value. Ideal options for such meals would be a kachumber salad with onions, cucumber, tomato and carrots, brown rice or multi-grain rotis with a sabji like cauliflower and potato, spinach and paneer or bhindi ki sabji. You can also consider vegetable khichdi as a part of your dinner.

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For Healthy Thinkers:

Dinner ideas for people who wish to shift to a healthier lifestyle are to make the shift from oily to grilled and make such small yet significant changes. Barbequed or grilled vegies, boiled vegetables or soups made with a mix of many vegetables can be used to substitute unhealthy dinners for people who think healthy.

Quick Fixes for Health Freaks:

Healthy Dinner Recipes Options

A khichdi on the more liquid end with lots of veggies, jowar roti with palak or idlis mixed with carrots and beets are some quick and healthy dinner options.

To sum up, dinner ideas that are wholesome and healthy ensure that; your protein can come from any dal/paneer or curd preparation, your fibre requirements can be fulfilled by any sabji which can be gravy based or dry along with a salad. You can gain healthy carbs from rotis of jowar and bajra as well as brown rice and for fat, you can include a minimal amount of ghee and oil.

With Dietician Priyatama Srivastava there is a healthy diet for everyone. She ensures to curate diets according to the underlying body conditions and body goals of each client and helps them achieve what they seek with regular follow-ups and modifications in diet.

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