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How Long Does It Take to Gain Weight?

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How Long Does It Take to Gain Weight?

How Long Does It Take to Gain Weight

How Long Does It Take to Gain Weight

While some people find it difficult to shred some pounds, others constantly struggle to gain weight. The rate at which you put on weight depends on various factors like your age, sex, body size, calorie intake, health status, and activity level. So, there is no simple answer to this question. In case you are looking for ways to gain healthy muscle mass, you have to consider various factors. You also need to be aware of certain things to speed up the process.   

Reasons why people try to gain weight?

Being overweight or underweight can be because of underlying health conditions. Just like obesity is linked with numerous health problems, being excessively skinny can lead to several health complications. So, if your doctor says you are underweight, you should make efforts to increase your muscular weight. Here are some of the instances in which gaining weight can be beneficial:

  • To enhance sports performance
  • To recover quickly after a serious sickness
  • To improve hormone levels and boost overall health after a prolonged period of maintaining a restrictive diet
  • Developing muscles for reaching a specific aesthetic or fitness goal
  • Restoring weight after undesired or unintentional weight loss

What type of weight do you want to gain?

Before finding out how quickly you can gain weight, it is important to know what type of weight you would like to gain. Weight gain could be of two types: muscle mass and body fat. Do you want to focus on selective body parts, or would you like to put on any kind of weight? Knowing the answers to this question will make it easy for you to make food choices. So, outlining your goals is a must before you embark on a weight gain journey. 

Fat gains happen quicker than muscle build-ups 

If your aim is to build strong and big muscles, it is a gradual process that takes time. You have to slowly add more calories to your diet and practice multiple resistance exercises. Keep doing weight-lifting exercises and increase the intake of protein to get healthy muscle fat. This process of gaining weight is called clean bulk. 

On the other hand, if you simply want to become fatter, you can increase your calorie intake rapidly for speeding up the process. However, keep in mind that by following this path, you will gain fat instead of muscles. 

Factors that determine how fast your weight will increase

There are numerous factors that affect a person’s body weight, directly and indirectly. From lifestyle choices to sleep patterns to ethnicity – it’s a long list. Here are some major factors that have a close connection with body weight: 

  1. Genetics

Some people have a natural tendency to put on weight irrespective of what they eat. It is because of their genes. Did you know that both skinniness and obesity run in families? So, if both your parents are slim, it might be challenging for you to plump up. In that case, you may visit a reputed dietician and he will prescribe some weight-gain supplements. The right supplements will aid you in your journey of becoming healthier. 

2. Metabolic rate

Metabolism is a biological process by which the body converts drink and food into energy. Even when you are resting, your body requires energy for performing vital functions such as breathing and circulating blood. Now if your metabolism is fast, your body quickly burns up the fat stored in your muscles. Even when you are asleep, your bodily functions are going on. So, now you know why you don’t gain extra pounds even if you are eating a lot. In that case, you have to take the help of a dietician and eat nutritious meals throughout the day.

3. Eating habits

Your food habits play a crucial role in determining your body type. Do your meals comprise low-fat and low-carb dishes? Or do you prefer to eat heavy foods that are loaded with calories? A lot of people who put on a few kgs every month also consume large portions of fat and sugar. If you don’t feel hungry too often, you can increase your calorie intake by drinking beverages that are high in sugar and fat. 

4. Physical activities

How much physical activity do you get daily? Do you exercise regularly? Lack of physical activities often makes it easy for people to gain weight. So, in case you are unable to notice any visible changes in how you appear, you might be burning more calories than the intake. So, in that case, you can double the number of healthy fats in your diet and sweat less at the gym. People who spend a lot of time lying down or sitting find it easy to gain weight. One easy way of monitoring how many steps you take per day is by purchasing a fitness tracker.

5. Insufficient sleep

Do you sleep soundly at night, or do you wake up multiple times at night? Studies have proved that sleep deprivation can be a major cause of poor physique. So, make it a point to get 7 hours of undisturbed sleep at night to wake you looking plump. To track the quality of your sleep you can use a sleep tracker. There are also many ways in which you will be able to sleep better. Go to bed early and sleep in a calm, clean, and noiseless environment with optimal temperature conditions.

6. Parting Thoughts

 If you are eating a lot and yet there is still no weight gain, you should opt for a full-body diagnosis. You may also consult a certified dietician in Gurgaon to find out what has been lacking in your existing diet. Your dietician will tell you what all foods to consume daily to get positive results. He will suggest what’s best based on the unique requirements of your body and your metabolic rate. It is one of the safest ways of putting on weight as dieticians have the knowledge and expertise to curate weight gain diets for people like you.

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