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Importance of a Good Diet During Pregnancy

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Importance of a Good Diet During Pregnancy

Importance of a Good Diet During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey; it’s about creating a new life that will forever change yours. While pregnancy is 9 months of care, happiness and being careful about what you eat, with Indian relatives there are hundreds of tips pouring in about your diet which end up confusing many pregnant women and then begins a cycle of hearsay mistakes that one should definitely avoid when pregnant.

It is essential to consult a dietician during pregnancy so you get a proper dietary insight and steer clear of any confusion that bothers you regarding the same. Dietician Priyatama Srivastava- the best dietitian in Delhi NCR and Gurgaon, is well equipped with extensive knowledge and experience regarding pregnancy diet and has successfully become part of many pregnancy journeys with beautiful results only through the means of a proper diet.

While pregnancy is a pool of active hormones, nausea and cravings, you must remember that there is a human developing within you and what you eat these 9 months will strongly determine their development and growth when it’s time for delivery.

Importance of nutrition during pregnancy

Let’s understand the role of a good diet during pregnancy; when you talk about diet in pregnancy it is never about eating less or eating more. Losing or gaining excessive weight during pregnancy can prove to be dangerous to you as well as to your baby primarily because a weight loss diet during the crucial trimesters of pregnancy can result in deficiency of essential nutrients like folic acid, iron and other vital minerals and vitamins.

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Importance of Nutrition During Pregnancy:

Low Chance of Complications:

A healthy and good diet during pregnancy also results in fewer complications. It might be difficult for the mother to fight off unhealthy pregnancy cravings but it is worth every junk rejection for the sake of you and your baby’s health. If you are avoiding a well-balanced and healthy diet, you could be at the risk of complications like gestational diabetes, anaemia, urinary tract infections and also the baby being born with deficiencies. Good nutrition during pregnancy can improve labour and delivery, which is a great thing for moms to be.


One of the common phenomena of pregnancy is a paralyzing amount of fatigue which is a common symptom in most pregnant women. Fatigue during pregnancy might be hard to overcome no matter what you do, especially during the early weeks with your body undergoing hormonal changes. Having a wholesome and healthy diet with regular eating every 3-4 hours will help sustain energy levels. It is essential to remember that your iron consumption during pregnancy must be double what you had normally to sustain your increased blood volume and promote iron storage for the fetus.

Healthy Diet Plan

Dietitian Priyatama emphasizes the need for a healthy diet during pregnancy but also ensures that pregnant women must not follow the same diet. Every pregnancy requirement is different and hence everyone must be given a pregnancy diet based on their bodily needs and conditions. Owing to her years of experience running a successful dietary clinic Go Moringa, Dietitian Priyatama has become a part of several pregnancy and postpartum journeys, the result of which has always been a healthy and happy mother and child.

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Healthy Fetal Development:

A healthy and balanced diet during pregnancy is what your baby needs to grow and develop correctly. A pregnant woman must consume at least 300 calories more than her normal diet. However, going overboard with the same can lead to complications like gestational diabetes. Essential nutrients and vitamins that warrant healthy fetal development include folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin A, fibre, fruits and vegetables, whole grains and a good amount of protein and fat.

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