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What to eat after C-section for fast recovery

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What to eat after C-section for fast recovery

C-section or cesarean delivery is recommended by the doctors to the women after assessing the critical conditions faced by them during pregnancy. Whether it is the serious health of the baby that needs attention, the position of the baby in the womb, women facing severe health issues, indications of more than one baby in the womb, or other c-section history-related concerns, the medical examination is conducted by the doctor before advising the patient to undergo C-section delivery. Since the procedure of this delivery involves a chain of complications, hence, it is ideal to consult a trusted doctor. This will keep the health of the baby and the mother undergoing the procedure. Besides, the dietician in Gurgaon recommends handy tips for fast recovery after a c-section. 

To start with, even though the happiness of successful conceptual is unmatched, yet, the body of the mother requires proper nutritive potion to cope with the health impact of C-section delivery. Regaining strength and compensating for various nutritional deficiencies or eating healthy to recover in a better way should be reflected by the women. In short, in the journey of revitalizing the body, the mother requires collagen-rich food and multivitamins along with the top dietary changes to be implemented in the routine. With the help of a postpartum diet plan, the new moms can lead a healthy life while addressing the early needs of the infant without compromising with their dose of nutrients. 

Why does a dietician in Gurgaon emphasize on postpartum diet? 

Apart from the speedy recovery after c-section delivery, the postpartum diet is enriched with the superfood or nutritive value that new mothers require. Here are some of the essential points that will cover the foods included in the meal plan for new mothers by the dietician in Gurgaon:

  1. Foods that boost collagen 

In addition to restoring beauty, the elasticity of skin and smoothness gets boosted by counting on collagen-rich foods. Thus, to make healing after the c-section procedure faster, a moderated quantity of egg white, fish, tremella, beans, etc. should be added to the diet of a new mother. On the other hand, foods that contain zinc, high levels of protein, and collagen-based soups will be beneficial for women to consume for smooth collagen-production results. If it becomes tough to extract sufficient nutrition to produce collagen, dietary supplements like collagen capsules can also be consumed.

2. Fibre enriched diet 

Constipation is one of the common issues faced by women who have undergone cesarean delivery as they feel discomfort in exertion due to sutures. Thus, it is advised by the certified dietician in Gurgaon specializing in postpartum diet that new mothers should include the goodness of fiber in their diet. For instance, beetroot, broccoli, bitter gourd, berries, and apples are some of the superfoods that comprise fiber content. With the daily dose of fiber, the woman can recover from the discomfort of c-section delivery.

3. Supplement your diet with the power of Vitamin C

If new mothers focus on their healing postpartum, they can take care of their children too. In this golden period of healing from wounds of C-section procedure, adding natural sources of nutrition is advisable for these women to follow. In short, a sufficient intake of vitamin C in the daily diet will prevent bacterial infection and make recovery faster. Some of the foods that are rich sources of vitamin C include watermelon, grapefruit, berries, sweet potatoes, and oranges. Interestingly, the immune system of the person also gets strengthened apart from keeping a check on infections.

4. Adequate intake of nutrients

All the nutrients play a vital role in lending strength to women in the postpartum period especially when they have undergone a cesarean delivery procedure. Hence, calcium, zinc, iron, and vitamins should be included in the individual’s diet to alleviate the discomfort caused after the c-section surgery. 

Calcium: Cheese, milk, spinach, tofu, and kale are calcium-rich food items that should be consumed to prevent blood clotting and osteoporosis 

Protein: An adequate portion of protein can be gained by women in their postpartum period through eggs, chicken, milk, cheese, dried beans, nuts, etc. 

Iron: Walnuts, beef liver, red meat, dried fruits, figs, and dried beans are some of the iron-enriched food items that women should consume for faster C-section recovery. 

5. Alleviate postpartum depression with essential fatty acids

Postpartum depression is one of the common conditions that may occur in women after childbirth. However, the regular intake of essential fatty acids in the diet can alleviate the chances of this health disorder in new mothers after the cesarean delivery phase. Therefore, walnuts, chia seeds, flaxseeds, salmon, sardine, and tuna are some of the foods to be consumed regularly to cope with the risk of postpartum depression.

6. Stay Hydrated with fluids

For an easy bowel movement and to prevent constipation after a C-section procedure, women need to consume a higher quantity of fluids. Due to breastfeeding, mothers can feel dehydrated which may lead to lesser milk supply. It further implies that the dietician in Gurgaon advises the new moms to drink more fluids including non-citrus juices, soups, and water to stay hydrated during the postpartum period. 


If you are looking for a trusted and reliable dietician who can guide you with a comprehensive discussion of postpartum diet after the C-section process, then, contact Go Moringa at info@gomoringa.in. At Go Moringa, we are a team of certified and experienced dieticians committed to a holistic health solution for weight management, postpartum nutrition, and various treatments through customized diet plans.

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