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Intermittent Fasting Vs Keto Vs Vegan Diets

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Intermittent Fasting Vs Keto Vs Vegan Diets

Intermittent Fasting Vs Keto Vs Vegan Diets

Intermittent Fasting Vs Keto Vs Vegan Diets

Staying in shape is a key to fit-in the outfit of your choice. But, in this hectic lifestyle, you might find yourself indulging in binge eating, consuming junk food, or trying to satiate yourself with other unhealthy snacking options. Well, considering these conditions, weight management can become the biggest challenge, and undoubtedly, extra kilos may be visibly noticed. Don’t worry, stay at ease! We are going to share some essential ways of losing weight or managing the weight through intermittent fasting, Keto diet, and Vegan diet for your reference. But, before actually discussing the merits of these diet variations for weight loss recommended by the best dietitian in Gurgaon, let’s understand their connotation and implication. 

Intermittent fasting for weight management: A quick overview

Partially or prolonged abstaining from eating to activate the fat burning process is known as intermittent fasting. It is believed that during the window of fasting for a longer period, an individual tends to burn calories and fast efficiently. Moreover, when this process is repeated regularly, fast days and calorie allowances regularly contribute to weight loss. However, the considerations for intermittent fasting vary depending on the lifestyle of a person, eating preferences, and weight management goals. Setting a schedule is important to yield the best outcome from this type of diet-based weight loss regime. The best dietitian in Gurgaon ensures the eating pattern and fasting level for beginners while planning intermittent fasting routines for them. There are multiple ways of adopting this eating & fasting practice of losing weight.

Ways to practice intermittent fasting for weight loss 

The period of fasting and eating can be divided through the following methods: 

  1. The 5:2 rule intermittent fasting diet 

As a part of this diet, you need to consume 500-600 calories on the non-consecutive days of the week. However, on the other 5 days of the week, you can continue with the normal diet. 

  1. The 16/8 intermittent fasting diet

In this regime of intermittent fasting, you need to decide on a schedule of 8 hours for eating. After this period, you need to fast for 16 hours. The Leangains protocol of this diet generally involves skipping breakfast followed by 8 hours of eating and then, fasting for 16 hours in a day. Nevertheless, the ideal time for eating and fasting should be consulted with the best dietitian in Gurgaon before beginning this type of weight loss routine. 

  1. Eat-Stop-Eat schedule diet

This schedule of intermittent fasting implies that you need to abstain from eating for 24 hours once or twice a week. If you are a beginner and not used to skipping meals or hesitant to observe fast due to any eating disorder, then, it is advisable to connect with a certified dietitian beforehand. Probably, during the consultation, the dietitian can analyze your eating pattern, and diagnose if any health disorder is leading to weight gain and other triggers causing fat accumulation. Depending on the observation and clinical examination, the best dietitian in Gurgaon will recommend you the right diet program for weight loss. Alternatively, if intermittent fasting is suitable for you or not, the dietitian will share a detailed report. 

Other diet options for weight loss: Keto and Vegan 

Apart from the intermittent fasting diet, Keto and Vegan diet plans can be relied on to cut down extra fat and improve metabolism for achieving effective weight loss results. In the case of Keto, the process of ketosis plays a vital role in bringing you back in shape, phenomenally. In short, the minimized use of carbs in the Keto diet and consumption of fat as the prime source of energy altogether show a remarkable outcome for weight management. In particular, the weight loss journey in the Keto diet program includes a higher amount of protein and fat in the lifestyle regularly to cut down calories, thereby, shedding weight. On a factual note, in the absence of glucose, the body uses fat as the prime source, consequently, the level of insulin decreases. 

Furthermore, the process of ketosis leads to the production of ketones in an efficient manner as compared to the regular schedule. In the Keto diet, over 2000 calories can be consumed, wherein, the intake of fat should be more than protein to prevent overproduction of ketones. Nevertheless, you must always seek the prior consultation of a dietitian in Gurgaon or Delhi NCR and discuss your weight loss goals through Keto. Additionally, the Vegan diet is also becoming popular with the modern weight management plan apart from Keto and intermittent fasting. The whole idea of the Vegan diet weight loss program is to eliminate meat or meat-based food items from the lifestyle. 

If you think vegetarian and vegan food sources are the same, then, it’s time to understand the basic difference. In the case of the Vegan diet, it is a plant-based food that has to be consumed while avoiding dairy-based products or eggs and honey (sourced from animals). Vegetarian food items may be sourced through the animal, directly or indirectly, hence, this option has to be separated from the Vegan diet concept if you are looking for a natural weight loss solution. 

Consult the best dietitian in Gurgaon at GoMoringa for effortless weight loss results
We have already discussed the three major weight loss diet programs above, undoubtedly, the outcome of all the options is commendable. However, the process of losing weight depends on various medical conditions related to obesity, consistency in sticking to the weight loss program, and other lifestyle habits. You should surely complement physical activity of any form and exercise to achieve the desired results from intermittent fasting, Keto, or Vegan diet. In case, you have never experienced the stern regime-based diet pattern to shed extra inches or kilos, then, the GoMoringa team should be contacted. We appoint the best dietitian in Gurgaon for our clients to help them in seeking well-tailored weight management or loss program. Visit to explore our multiple diet-based health transformation options that have been prepared by our certified nutritionist, well-trained dietitians, and other dietary physicians.

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