Therapeutic diet



DurationFee(in ₹)
1 Month3800
3 Months 9500
6 Months18000
12 Months 30000

Therapeutic diets are formulated by dietitians to treat various disorders. It is a meal plan with control intake of foods and nutrients.

Therapeutic Diet-is concerned with the modification of the normal diet to meet the requirements of the sick individual. Here the modifications are required in nutrients, food allergies and intolerance. The purpose of such diets are :

  • To maintain good nutritional status.
  • The energy requirements of patients with disease are usually similar to or less than those of healthy subjects.
  • To correct deficiencies.
  • To maintain body's ability to metabolise the nutrients.

Diabetic diet is one of the most common therapeutic diets which involve limiting high sugar foods to help blood sugar levels. Other examples gluten-free diet, clear liquid diets, full liquid diets, no concentrated sweet diet, diabetic (calorie controlled) diet, renal diet, low fat diet, high fibre diet, no added salts diet etc.

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