Weight Gain

 Weight Gain


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1 Month3800
3 Months 9500
6 Months18000
12 Months 30000

Underweight is a condition when the body weight is 10-20% less than the average expected for one's height, age and sex. If the body weight is less by 20% or more than Ideal Body Weight, the individual is grossly underweight and it is a matter of concern. Being underweight can harm health in long run. It affects both mental and physical health. Underweight is a condition of eating disorder.

There are many risks associated with underweight condition like osteoporosis, anaemia, higher risk of cardio vascular diseases, quick prone to headaches and fever , fatigue, hair loss and many more. During this condition, the body is not getting essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals to support body functions effectively and fight various infections. A healthy body weight is recommended. One should seek the advices from dietitian.

At Go Moringa, we are committed to provide best dietitian for weight gain with our recommended plans for body weight gain looking at personalised needs with intake of proteins and carbohydrates. A calorie dense food is major need under this medical condition which can be provided under our guidance and support.

A person should aim to maintain a healthy BMI. Working with a nutritionist and dietitian can help a person achieve and sustain a healthy weight.

People's eating habits very enormously and Go Moringa Nutri Diet n Clinic respect dietary freedom and diversity when making recommendations. The best way to achieve balanced diet is to plan diet in relation to other food for the whole day. It is advisable to eat small regular meals during the day rather then one or two huge meal.


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