Figure Correction

inch loss


DurationFee(in ₹)
1 Month3800
3 Months 9500
6 Months18000
12 Months 30000

Figure correction is the combination of weight loss mostly inches loss, especially in the areas where it is heavier, like the abdomen thigh and hips.

Figure correction and body shaping goes hand in hand. Figure correction makes you look younger and aids glow to your body shape. It gives feeling of wellbeing and happiness. Figure correction is an opportunity to shape and make your figure slimmer and feel good and glamorous. without exhausting diets and exercise.

We at our clinic, provides the figure correction through diet and emphasizes more on a balanced meal rather than on any specific nutrient group encompassing natural wholesome foods in the right quantities according to one's level of activity. We help you in achieving perfect figure. Our diet programme is designed to work on specific problem area and helps you in get rid of extra cellulite. One can feel the drastic difference and effective results under 10-12 days with our easy tightening and toning dietary procedures.

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